Thursday, July 30, 2009

5 weeks

I returned from the doctor this morning and everything is looking good. I had an x ray done and they looked good. There was no bone growth yet but that is not expected until the 3 month mark; which is when my next appointment will be (September). The incisions in both front and back were healing and no swelling was present. I am to continue walking both in the pool and on ground and be careful not to bend, twist or pick up weight greater than 5lbs until my next visit. The swelling and surgery pain is getting better each week and I am planning to be back to work on August 17. I am very thankful for family and friends encouraging words and prayers during this time. I am especially grateful to my wife and children as they put up with me and take on extra work around the house. I am encouraged as I get stronger and make progress each week. God is good!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Morgan's 1st of 3 birthday parties

We were up in Estes, over the weekend, to celebrate Morgan's 9th birthday with my family. Her next party is with her friends next Thursday and then her official birthday is August 8.
Morgan and my favorite; peanut butter pie!
Afterwards, grandma took the kids to the rainbow slide for some fun.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New pictures of the girls

Here are a few pictures of the girls before the Taylor Swift concert in Cheyenne last night.
Morgan taking golf lessons. I see a scholarship in the future...:)
Our little ham. How can I deny that face?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4 weeks

Today it has been 1 month since my surgery. I feel so much better than I did just 2 weeks ago. I have to be very careful not to push myself and continue to rest. Yesterday, I was out helping clean the garage and paid for it afterwards. I swelled up and was in bed the rest of the day. I need to remind myself, that even though I may feel like doing more, I need to be careful. I am back to putting Lucy to bed and helping with small chores. A quick update on the rest of the family. Betsy is back to preparing for the next school year. Morgan has been participating in golf lessons and will begin tennis next week. She is also enjoying sleep overs with friends. Lucy is also doing golf lessons and participates in a cheerleader camp. Tomorrow, Betsy, the girls and one of our close friends will be heading to Cheyenne Frontier Days for the Taylor Swift concert. They have been having a good summer while I continue to rest and heal. Thank you to all my prayer warriors out there. I appreciate it! DW

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 weeks

Today is the third week of recovery. The internal swelling must be going down because I feel the screws and rods in the back and it is not comfortable. I am still trying to walk further each day and am anxious to try the pool but may wait until next week or the weekend. Tonight, I was to to take Betsy to the Keith Urban concert but am not ready. Morgan will go instead and I will rest at home. The back is pretty sore again and the front is uncomfortable as clothes rub against the scabs. It is a roller coaster of feeling better and then back down again but I was told to expect this and know that each week my body is healing for the good.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lucy's first missing tooth

Lucy lost her first tooth. I thought it was pretty early for her since it is the summer prior to kindergarten but with Lucy I think she will be doing everything earlier than Morgan.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 weeks

Today marks two weeks since surgery and I feel that I have turned the corner for the good. I am feeling better throughout the day and am getting my strength back. I am beginning to walk outside and try to go a bit further each day. The night time is the most uncomfortable as a try to sleep in a comfortable position. I am feeling very hopeful at this point and know the worst is behind me.