Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dads vs. Girls

Morgan had her final basketball practice Monday and pizza party for the season. The coaches decided to have a scrimmage for the dads and girls. The dads had to us their left hand and were not allowed in the paint. Saturday is the last game and the girls team is undefeated thus far. Everyone had a great time and dad was a bit sore afterward, ha...DW

Morgan shoots and ....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eventful Past Few Weeks

It has been eventful the past few weeks here at the Weber household. Betsy finally was able to go back to school yesterday. She missed 7 days of school with flu and laryngitis. Morgan and Lucy both got reoccurring fevers but all are well as of today. I am know getting sick but am trying to keep it from escalating. We are so ready for our trip!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lucy birthday pictures

Here is the birthday girl and friends at Chuck E Cheese. They are having a great time!
Time to sing Happy Birthday and have some cup cakes.

Lucy wanted chocolate cupcakes with green icing...Yummy!!!
Daddy and Lucy with her new toy; a Leapster. It is like a Nintendo DS except for preschool/kindergarten children.
Taylor Swift! Her favorite just like her big sister...DW

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lucy's (eventful) Birthday

Yesterday Lucy turned 5. We celebrated her birthday with friends at Chuck E Cheese. It is a good thing I love my daughters very much because that place is a zoo! Lucy and her friends had a great time. I will have pictures to post tomorrow. Betsy was not able to go as she was sick. When Lucy and I returned home Betsy was worse and wanted to see a doctor. We went in and they confirmed she had influenza. Morgan had gone home with her best friend that night. I got a call the next morning that Morgan had a fever. Oh no :( For the second year in a row Betsy is sick on her birthday. I forgot to mention today is when we usually celebrate Betsy's birthday because she was born on Leap Day and we want Lucy to have her own day. Stay away from our house, ha. Please pray for Betsy and Morgan to feel better and thank you to our dear friends; the Howlett's as they were a big help to me this weekend...DW