Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Beach Trip 2010!

We had a great family vacation this summer. We visited Cinci, Charlotte and Hilton Head. Below are some pictures from the beach! This was the first trip to the ocean for both girls. Here Morgan is eyeing a good wave for boogie boarding... Betsy and the girls resting from shopping in Harbour Town
We went with Betsy's family. Here pictured are her father (Jim), brother (Eric) and the rest of his family with us.
Lucy can get real used to this :)
Daddy even remembered how to catch a wave!

Ethipoia updates better late than never!: More Projects We Will Tackle

Please check out my friend blog below on updates for our Ethiopia trip. This particular post shows more ways we will be able to support the village there. DW

The Howletts 5, er, 6.... better late than never!: More Projects We Will Tackle: "Hello Dear Friends! So much is happening, there is new news every day, and new details to work through.